OPM Lyrics

“Elesi” – Rivermaya

*Blade” refers to ones on electric fans to cool the air in the summer, a wind turbine, or even the blades on an airplane. “Elesi” is also rumored to allude to the psychedelic drug LSD

“Elesi” / “Blade”*

‘Pag automatic na ang luha / When tears come automatically
Tuwing naghahating-gabi / Every midnight
‘Pag imposibleng mapatawa / When it’s impossible to make [you] laugh
At ‘di na madapuan ng ngiti / And there’s no hint of a smile

Kumapit ka kaya / Hold on
Sa akin nang ikaw ay / To me so that
Maitangay sa kalayaan ng ligaya / I can you to the freedom of happiness
Tayo na, tayo na / Let’s go, let’s go
Ika’y magtiwala sapagka’t / Trust me because
Ngayong gabi ako ang mahiwagang elesi / Tonight I am your magical elesi

‘Pag komplikado ang problema / When [your] problems are complicated
Parang relong made in Japan / Like a watch made in Japan
At para ring sandwich na nasa lunchbox mong nawawala / And also like a sandwich from your missing lunchbox
Nabubulok na sa isipan / [They’re] rotting in your mind


Minsan ako’y nangailangan / One time I was in need
Daglian kang lumapit sa akin / You quickly came to me
Ibinulong mo, “Kaibigan.. / You whispered, “Friend..
Ako ang iyong liwanag sa dilim” / I am your light in the dark”


Elesi (O~)
Elesi (O~)



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