OPM Translations is an avenue for those interested in Tagalog music. It is my belief that songs are an excellent entry point into a culture. Once you’re hooked, the rest, as they say, is history. Music also provides a great motivation for language learning. If a certain song has a melancholic melody, you might become curious about what the lyrics mean, so that you can gain a better experience listening to the song. Sooner or later, you inevitably start picking up words you hear in different songs. Filipino music is beautiful, and no language barrier should deter anyone from appreciating it.

The main aim of OPM Translations is to promote Filipino music and Tagalog learning. Whether you are a part of the Filipino diaspora across the globe and want to connect to the homeland, a Filipino wanting to get your friends interested in Filipino music, or someone who has a general interest in Filipino culture and are looking for a unique and fun way to learn the language, this site is for you.

tl;dr — Spreading the love for Original Pilipino Music.

NOTE: In most of these lyrics, the translations won’t be word-for-word. My goal is to translate these songs into English and maintain the depth in the meaning of the original lyrics. Tagalog is a beautiful, romantic language, and I can only hope to do justice to the songs through my translations.

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My name is Cheryl, but you can call me Marcee (long story).

I’m a 1.5-generation Filipino American. What does that mean? I was born in Manila but moved to the U.S. during my formative teenage years. I never lost my ability to understand and speak Tagalog, something I’m very proud of. I also take pride in Filipino culture and actively try to promote it to both fellow young Filipino Americans and those of other heritage in whatever way I can.

Since music has always been a part of my life, making this site was a no-brainer for me.

Of course, I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about Filipino culture. I’m always learning new things about my heritage, and I hope this site will, in a way, reflect that perpetual learning process.

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